Positive Choices is a public service program designed to make teens aware of the alternatives they have to getting in a car with someone who has been drinking alcohol.

Students who wish to participate in the program will make the online Positive Promise (click here to read and sign the Promise). Participating students are eligible to win one of five college scholarships to be awarded in May each year.

Students can improve their chances of winning a scholarship by referring their parents online to sign the same Positive Promise. In addition to scholarship rewards, participants may randomly receive additional prizes, such as Positive Choices keychains or t-shirts.

For Parents

Talk to your teenage children about the dangers and consequences of underage drinking. And set a positive example by never driving after drinking alcohol. Make the Positive Promise. Forward it to your teenage children. Forward it to other parents or school administrators.

For School Administrators

High-school teachers or administrators who would like to introduce Positive Choices to their student body can receive information by completing this form. Promotional kits include posters to hang in school, and this website can be an excellent resource for programs throughout the year, but especially during Spring Break, Prom and graduation seasons.

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